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Rancho Cucamonga carpet cleaning - stain removal

Rancho Cucamonga Carpet Cleaning will transform your home or office through our professional carpet, tile, upholstery and floor cleaning services.
Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Our intensive carpet cleaning service will ensure your carpet looks as good as new and lasts as long as it should.

The key features of our carpet cleaning service include:
–Use of a highly effective, advanced truck-mounted cleaning technology
–Deep-suction technique that removes deeply ingrained soil
–Compliance with specifications by carpet manufacturers
–Moving furniture safely using special blocks and protectors
–Use of quality cleaning solutions

carpet cleaning Rancho Cucamonga

You stand to gain numerous benefits, including:
–Improved appearance of your carpets
–Preserve your health by eliminating bacteria, allergens, dirt and dust mites
–Enhance air quality by getting rid of dust

Stone, Tile and Grout Cleaning

We utilize highly effective techniques to eliminate stubborn stains and debris from your tiles.

Key features of our service:
–Removal of all grunge, mildew, grease, crud, grime and mold
–Using powerful truck-mounted cleaning equipment
–A combination of heat, specialized cleaning solutions and vacuum power ensure complete elimination of stubborn dirt.
–We use high pressure rinsing techniques after the job
–Restoration of the sparkling appearance of your counter tops and floors
–Use of non-toxic, environmentally safe cleaning agents
–A penetrating sealer is applied to protect your grout – for a period of 2 years – against mildew and staining

Here are some of the reasons why you need our professional tile cleaning service:
–Home tile and grout cleaning methods aren’t as effective as professional techniques on stubborn dirt
–Dirt gets trapped in pores within grout and tiles, which is impossible to clean on your own
–Our special applications help to reduce buildup of dirt and grime in future
–Your ceramic and porcelain tiled surfaces will appear brighter and shining once more.

Rancho Cucamonga refinishing hardwood floors

Upholstery Cleaning

Through our service, your furniture will get back its good-as-new look.

Key features of the upholstery cleaning service:
–Safely clean variety of materials including ultrasuedes, suedes, Jacquard, silk, Haitian cotton and velvet
–The most appropriate cleaning strategy is utilized after carefully inspecting your furniture
–We apply a protective coating that’s stain resistant
–Application of a deodorizer to eliminate bad odor
–We use the most advanced and effective upholstery cleaning techniques

If you haven’t decided yet, here are the reasons why you need our professional cleaning service:
–Your upholstery might seem clean, but it’s likely to have build up of dirt that you can’t reach using home cleaning methods
–Regular cleaning will prevent health problems due to bacteria, mildew and dust
–Air quality will be improved when dust is eliminated
–The most appropriate cleaning methods will be used for various types of fabric, preventing damage to your valuable house furnishings.
–Your furniture will be more resistant to contaminants and stains, since a stain-resistant coating would applied after cleaning

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Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaning

We use specialized processes to restore and preserve wood and laminate floors.

Key features:
–Extraction of hidden dirt within wood floor boards through deep cleaning
–Use of a machine scrub, and hand-cleaning techniques in hard-to-reach areas
–Elimination of large debris, dust, dirt, oil and all forms of contaminants
–The cleaning solution would be completely extracted after the operation, to leave your floor clean and dry
–A shiny top coat is applied to enhance the appearance of your floor

Benefits of professional wood floor cleaning:
–Quality cleaning will extend the service life of your wood floor
–Far more extensive cleaning procedures are applied, beyond what you’re capable of doing with home cleaning methods
–You’ll avoid costly repairs in future, which can arise due to damage by contaminants

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