Persian Rug Cleaning

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Persian rug cleaning

Cleaning a carpet has never been easy at all!  Most people find it ideal placing a designer and expensive rug and carpets in some areas in our home or office.

It is a great way of introducing more comfort, style, and relaxation to our surroundings. With these popular and expensive fabrics, it is needed that you keep these areas clean and unsoiled. This will help you to enjoy the surroundings and beauty of it.

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We offer cleaning services for Persian Rugs!

Maintaining your Persian rugs in a professional way is not only crucial to your surroundings and how it is displayed, but it also prolongs the life of the rug and its value.

With a professional and proficient attitude, Rancho Cucamonga Carpet Cleaners is your solution to these cleaning needs.

The rugs surfaces need professional cleaning along with the other fabrics in your home or office. Rancho Cucamonga Carpet Cleaners provides these excellent services.

What can Rancho Cucamonga Carpet Cleaners do for your Persian Rug or Mat?

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High level of Cleanliness

Many that clean the rugs or mats on their own, think that a smooth vacuum can clean and rid the area of all soiled deposits.

Although it may look like the rug is clean, the dirt and grime can bury itself deep within the fabric. Rugs are placed in areas of high traffic and need professional deep cleaning while still taking care of the fabric to ensure no damage is placed during this process due to the nature of some of those delicate fabrics.

We are professionals that are well-trained in the cleaning of these areas to the next level. We use high-powered industrial cleaning machines and specialized products. We attack the grime at the base of the problem and clean each layer of the rug.

This eliminates the dirt from the base to the face of the mat, leaving a highly clean and good looking piece while still maintaining the fabric in its original state.

Accommodation to All Persian Rug Types

We know that there are many different types of rugs and mats that our clients use and possess. They all come with sensitive and high end imported fabrics.

With the knowledge and training we have, there is no limitation to what our services can provide. With some rug types, including the very expensive ones, the process has to be done in a more precise and detailed manner.

Purchasing a carpet is usually a large investment for any homeowner, and with a little tender loving care your carpet can continue to look good for years to come. Carpets act similar to an air conditioner filter: the fibers trap and hold onto dirt, dander, soil, oils, grime and even odors.

If you wait for the carpets to look soiled, you’ve waited too long. Soil and dirt are very abrasive and actually act like sandpaper which can scratch and etch the carpet fibers. Each time we walk on the carpet, the dirt in the carpet grinds on the fibers.

Our Persian Carpet Cleaning brings a whole new level of safety when cleaning these delicate carpets. Persian carpets are beautiful and expensive. Persian Carpets & Fine Orientals are usually either knotted with pile or woven without pile. In each case professional cleaning is recommended due to their delicate construction.

This class of carpet can be organized by origin: Persian, Central Asian, Antolian, Caucasian, Kurdish, Chinese, Turkestan, Tibetan, Braided, Silks, Wool, & Domestic.

When getting your Persian carpet cleaned you should always be looking out for a trustworthy company that will take the finest care of your beautiful area carpet. The qualities involved in our carpet cleaning process have proven to be the most effective.

Our company has proven with years of experience to deliver superb results when it comes to fine Oriental Carpet cleaning with their Persian Carpet Cleaning process.

At our establishment, we combine years of experience with an eco-friendly process to take the utmost care in cleaning whichever type of fine area carpets you may have.

In Home Persian Carpet Cleaning

With our process we are able to clean almost all Persiancarpets right in your home. Before we begin the Persiancarpet cleaning process, we examine all areas of the carpet including fringe & main body of the carpet and also the side edges.

Any spots or stains will be recorded on your work order. Any information that you can provide to us about your carpet will be most helpful such as: the age of the carpet, does it have pet damage, or exposed to sunlight.

Organic Dry For Persian Carpet Cleaning

In home carpet cleaning is what makes us the number one choice for all your Persian dry carpet cleaning needs. We can be reached easily through our website, email or phone. Let us schedule you in and show you just how good your carpets, upholstery or Persian carpets can our eco-friendly process of dry cleaning.

We can provide you with the expert cleaning needs that you would need to tackle these stains, dirt, and grime on your rugs. Our processes can be efficient while still maintaining and taking care of your rug.

We can target the grit that effects these great pieces and eliminates any dirt and grime present. With no restriction to these cleaning matters, Rancho Cucamonga Carpet Cleaners provides the best in accommodation for all clients alike.

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Expertise in the Cleaning Process all for the Customer’s Demand

We bring our expertise, quality, professionalism and extensive training to your rug cleaning needs.

We recognize the problem areas of the rug with precision and care. We take the different fabrics and materials of the rug into consideration. We are always effective, therefore, therefore we also apply the correct cleaning agents to dissolve the grime that is present.

With more intense rugs and mats, we use steam cleaning water extraction that does not damage the area and leaves the rug in its natural and stylish state.

We are the pro’s

Persian rugs are an attractive commodity. This is because that they bring a much needed exotic flair to houses and homes. They are also much popular because they possess extraordinary craftsmanship in the way they are made.

Furthermore, they are handmade and come with different intricate patterns on them. This adds an exotic aura that a room exudes with a Turkish rug.

Despite their beauty, just like other materials, they can easily get worn out if you are not careful. Persian rugs do need some care, and if you are investing your money in them, then you would want to show them off as well.

Our Specialty Cleaning Processes;

At our company, we examine your rug in detail and employ a very thorough process for rug cleaning in:

  • Test of colorfast
  • If color runs contact customer to discuss further and apply colorfast
  • Vacuum both sides of rug
  • Lightly spray a PH neutral cleaner to the pile of rug
  • Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning)
  • Bonnet clean (Dry Clean) with dry pad
  • Repeat the extraction process
  • Repeat the clean bonnet process
  • Remove the excess water
  • Apply additional treatment. This involves methods such as such as deodorizing and protection if opted
  • Flat dry the rug if color bleeds or else dry on the rack

Properly maintained and cared-for Persian rugs are often seen as an investment as they will increase in value over time.

This is done with expertise and experience. Your next carpet cleaning in Rancho Cucamonga Carpet Cleaners endeavors with us will leave you satisfied and content.

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For all your Persian rug cleaning services, get in touch with us, and we will give you the best services that are available. Persian Carpets are very unique and that is why they need special attention when they are being cleaned. We will always handle your carpet with all the necessary care in the world! Give us a buzz!

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