Oriental Rugs & Area Rugs


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Area Rugs and Oriental Rugs

Area rugs and Oriental rugs are the most cleaned in the home of a person with carpet or any floor they want to protect. Area rugs offer a solution to high traffic areas and will protect the floor from damage. Area rugs come in all shapes, sizes and makes and will have to have regular cleaning for the type they are.

There are many and some are quite expensive. One of the most expensive is the Oriental rug. These rugs can be quite large in circular, oval or very long rectangular shapes. They aren’t the only expensive rug but they are still the most common. They can be damaged easily and require a special cleaning fluid and method.

Many area rugs are treated or created with a special vegetable dye and protein and will be destroyed by conventional and commercial cleaning methods. This is why we offer a takeaway service to clean and treat them. Once you’ve purchased an Oriental rug you can have us pick it up and have it sealed to that it becomes water damage and stain proof.

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This can be done with any expensive area rug you purchase. We are aware that these rugs can run in the thousands and more and we take special care to make sure they are handled respectfully and carefully. We know that those who own these rugs regard them as if they were pieces of priceless art. We treat them like an art curator would a painting that it was restoring.

We do offer water damage restoration and special consideration in this case for Oriental rugs. We are always educating our technicians on the special care that these materials take and we are always upgrading our chemicals to greener and kinder types so that we can give our customers the best service available.

Area Rugs

Area rugs are a valuable part of the home. They are one of the most important part of protecting your floors. We can arrive and clean your area rugs in a green and inexpensive way or we can offer a package deal for the whole floor and the whole home.


We offer wood floor treatment and can remove and clean your area rugs for that room or multiple rooms. We can steam clean your carpets as well as your tile and seal them whilst cleaning your area rugs in a day.

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Whatever you need we can meet your needs as the premier floor and furniture cleaner in the county. We are devoted to your home and the integrity of your carpets and floors. Whether you are in a cottage, condo or a mansion, there is never a job too big or too small for us to do.

We are happy to get to know you and what you need for your floors. We like to have a running record of what you have and how much you may need the rooms to be maintained. We will call you with your schedule of cleaning as our experts will actually advise.