Mattress Cleaning


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Mattress Cleaning

Rancho Cucamonga Carpet Cleaners is here to provide you with all your mattress cleaning desires!

Your mattress can be affected by some contaminants. They come from your everyday use such as stains, germs, odor, allergens and dust mites. Moreover, pet allergens that are a possible health hazard to your family and yourself.

At Rancho Cucamonga Carpet cleaners, we are at your service to provide a complete and comprehensive cleaning experience to eliminate all the contaminants from your mattress!

The bed should ideally be an important and health free area because you spend almost 8 hours there. You also breathe directly over the mattress. Therefore, it should be taken care of at all costs.

For this to be achieved, the professional cleaning of your bed needs to be undertaken on a regular basis to avoid facing serious complications that occur due to it being neglected.

We provide you with the best mattress cleaning solutions to eliminate these contaminants and provide you with a safe and healthy area for you to rest and sleep.

We undertake the following;

Vacuum and Steam Cleaning

Actual vacuuming of the bed and its components is the first step we take when we start out. The process starts by taking off the entire mattress and railings.

We employ the use of industrial strength vacuums in order to apply both sides of the mattress.

This action enables us to get the dander and dirt that may have sipped through one side to the other.

This technique helps us to get all the dust and dirt that has accumulated throughout all the time the mattress has been in use.

After completing this process, we apply a high strength steam clean to the mattress. This helps to eliminate the remaining stain and dirt that is available after the thorough vacuuming. We can extensively get rid of the dust, stain or odor that may have been on the mattress.

Freedom from Allergy

Different contaminants can be found on beddings. They can be the cause of numerous amount of allergies for the user of the bed. Dust mites and pet allergens are just but a few of the most common.

We give you a great solution in case of this situation.

With the application of hypoallergenic agents, we eliminate the allergen that causes the contaminants. This protects you and your entire family from developing allergies and asthma that might be caused due to the breathing of these allergens on a daily basis.

This process ensures that the beddings have been cleaned extensively thus providing you with a safe and healthy environment for your comfort.

The minute we use the specialized products, we allow your bed to dry for a period. We reset the bed back its original setting after we are done.

We are concerned with healthy bedding

We have various equipment and cleaning solutions that we employ in our everyday activities. Our overall aim is to give our clients a healthy, dust and allergen free environment. This is however achieved when you have a clean mattress at the end of the day.

We do our best to ensure that your cleaning needs are met and exceeded! After we are done, it is our hope that you will not have to worry about health risks and factors can cause you sleepless nights.

With our specialized cleaning, you can sleep easy at the same time knowing that your health will not be affected by your bedding.


Your Satisfaction is guaranteed

We employ various cleaning techniques in order to strive for the client’s satisfaction

Cleaning that mattress all by yourself is very hectic and can be a very tricky affair. With our proper cleaning and washing skills, we make work easy and efficient for you.

We are efficient and complete the cleaning promptly while striving to deliver a safe and healthy environment in the long run.

Call us!

We are always on standby and ready to clean your mattress! We will provide you with great service leaving you happy, content and safe!