Hardwood Floor Refinishing


Fontana refinishing hardwood floors

Hardwood floor restoration

A well maintained wooden floor can add a lot of value to your property. The benefits go far beyond just adding character to your home.

A hardwood floor is easy to clean, will last much longer than carpet and won’t hold a lot of dust just like other types of flooring. So why don’t you restore change your floor or repair it today!

We have a lot of experience and expertise in the floor restoration industry. We also specialize in the installation of all hardwood flooring.

We also offer high-quality flooring at reasonable prices. Our pride motivates this in this work! Furthermore, we use only the best products available and have an enviable degree of customer satisfaction.

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We don’t just see it as a floor. It is an exquisite piece of art that complements and adds the warmth and value to your property for many years to come.

Our Services

  • Professional Hard Wood Floor Refinishing and Installation
  • Restoration of old floors.
  • Installation of new floors
  • Light and deep floor sanding
  • Tailored flexible and reliable local and commercial wood floor repair services
  • We use different latex finishes and stains
  • Free no obligation quotation & references
  • We also provide additional cleaning services

What will we do when you hire us?

We offer the following services to help you complete your flooring project:


We offer the most reasonable prices on all types of hardwood floors. We have exotic, engineered, bamboo, raw or pre-finished. Our prices are changeable with the prevailing market conditions. Therefore, call or e-mail us to get the best price on your new floors.

Rancho Cucamonga refinishing hardwood floors


Think about refinishing your tired, worn floors to find their original warmth and beauty lost from years of wear and tear.  The results are an extraordinary change for the original floor to the final product.  Our dust-free equipment will ensure your project is completed with virtually no dust and a lasting impression.


How many times have you had a sneak peek under an old carpet to see if there’s a hardwood floor waiting to be repaired? In most cases, older homes have higher quality hardwood begging to be refurbished.  So long as there is still a “wear layer” these floors can be reclaimed back to their original beauty.


We provide you with an option of installing all types of hardwood whether you are renovating or building a new home or business. We have a variety of hardwood floors that you can install. A few examples include traditional oak or maple as well as exotic floors including jatoba, cumaru, and bamboo.


Most people overlook the transition period between the floor to stairs in many floor projects. We specialize in sanding and staining stairs. This is important in bring out its beauty but to compliment the flooring in your home.


Setting up a border or inlay in just the right place can turn an already beautiful floor into something exceptional.  We will work with you to choose the border or inlay in the design and color that will bring out the best in your floors any day.


We are not just limited to residential areas only but also commercial. Using specialty merchandises designed specifically for high-traffic projects, be it a restaurant or a retail boutique, your floors will maintain a beautiful look and shine despite the wear and tear that comes with commercial use.


Do you want to get back a shining and strong flooring? We offer you with a great refection experience. We scrub and polish your flooring, and we use a finishing coat. This will not affect the marking on your flooring, but it will gain back its luster and strength.

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