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Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

There has never been a larger call for eco-friendly green carpet cleaning and there is a good reason for it. It makes no sense to clear the allergens from a carpet only to be exposed to the residu of the cleaner used. We take the health and safety of your family seriously; in fact, we take it as seriously as we do our own. Here, we will educate you a bit more on eco-friendly carpet cleaning and why this is the most favorable option.

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Natural Chemicals Called Enzymes

Dirt, stains and grime soiling of all types come from many different sources and are comprised of many different types of components. Our system approaches the substances in your home like a scientific lab. It’s a process that is delicate, yet effective. You see, this is a simplistic way of explaining how a carpet is cleaned without the harsh formaldehyde-like chemicals of traditional carpet cleaning is done. For example, if you have a protein stain which is the most popular apart from food and beverage stains, we would use a natural enzyme to clean it. The simplest way of explaining what an enzyme is would be to think of a live compound that eats what the stain is comprised of. It’s akin to what resides in your stomach that assists to eat bacteria and breakdown foods you eat. This is just what an enzyme does to clean in a green sense.  When It’s a food or drink stain, there are other enzymes that naturally eats the elements that the stain is made from.

What harsh chemicals do to your health

You wouldn’t think that harsh chemicals used to clean a rug would continue to cause a health hazard after you’ve left the room. But, it will and this is why we used the term formaldehyde-like when we described them earlier. These are Xylenes in some cases with the old-school cleaning processes plus many other chemicals and they are all mixed together in a chemical soup. When this activates, it will clean correctly but still leave residue that does not dissipate for a very long time. When your pets and children are on the floor playing they are exposed to carcinogenic {cancer-causing} elements.  This is not necessary for you to b exposed to but there is a reason why these chemicals were made this way. Imagine, you have a Oriental rug and are looking to clean it. The dyes are sometimes delicate in this type of rug. The same goes for a deeply dyed carpet. You have to apply the necessary chemicals to both protect the rug from damage in cleaning and to clean the rug properly and deeply at the same time.  Sometimes going green is not the top option but do it as much as you can.

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The misinformation about green carpet cleaning or any green cleaning service

The news is rampant today with misinformation about everything from politics to the environment and more. But, green cleaning is changing every minute and with that comes the inability to report fairly or accurately on green subjects especially regarding environment. There are hidden things that some companies don’t have to disclose because green is still largely unregulated.  So, when looking for a green carpet cleaning service or any green service you should look at the following aspects.

  • Accreditations: A BS as it all sounds, and yes, we know that there are a lot of accrediting agencies nowadays, it is still good to look to see if they are accredited by the top agencies at the very least at the state level. This means that at least there is some governing or overseeing agency, private or otherwise that the company must answer to.
  • Preconditioners and other prep substances: Because the general public doesn’t know enough about what green really is, it’s easy to fool them with the small things. When you are into green cleaning or any other green dealings, you should have some questions for the company based on what the company does and what service you are receiving from them. The list you compile from the knowledge you’ve researched about a particular green method for a service will make you feel far more confident in your choices. So, for example, you want a carpet cleaned and the company sounds good. They even provide information on the ingredients of their cleaners. But, every company has a budget and paying for enzyme-based cleaners is not inexpensive to say the least. So, they may just skimp on the pre-conditioners and other prep materials that they use prior to cleaning. Make sure you know the answers before you use them.