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Fontana Carpet Cleaning is a family owned and operated carpet cleaning business. We have been serving the area for over 20 years with loyal customers in the area and beyond. We hold a five-star ratings on many service boards. We service multiple businesses and residents a day and still uphold a reputation for excellence. We only have employees which is part of why we can maintain the image we have. We pride ourselves on having staff and technicians that are hired on and invested in by us.

So, why does that make a difference? Think of the last time you had any service company come to your home. Can you remember if they were uniformed and carried picture ID? Can you remember if they left your home respectfully the way they left it? The reason why having our own people makes a difference is that we will do these gestures of respect and professionalism for you and more.

We always arrive on time and if we can’t for some rare and unforeseen reason, we will call you, that is our promise to you. We always discuss the work we do with you prior to beginning work. We offer a written estimate of the clean as well especially when it’s your first time with us.


The Services We Offer

We offer a wide variety of services and packages that we are able to provide for any residents or business. We can always work with our customers because we want to earn your repeat business. We have the most state-of-the-art truck-mounted carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment available. We offer residue-free carpet cleaning, wet and dry steam cleaning and extraction. We offer totally green carpet cleaning services because we are as concerned about the environment as well as your health and wellbeing a you are. We take environmental responsibility very seriously.

Our full list of services are as follows:

 Carpet Cleaning: Carpet cleaning with Fontana carpet cleaning is second to none. We have the best equipment and technician that are able to deliver the best and most efficient service. Call us today for all your carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions.

Cleaning of Pet Stains and Odor Removal: There’s nothing worse than having a home smell like pets and pet soiling. We all love our pets and they are more like a family member but they take special care and so does their surroundings. They can soil an area and there is no way to mask the scent.

We live in the home around our animals and we become desensitized of the odor but others that do not live with us will walk into a home with pets and notice straight away that there are animals even if they are not readily present. We have green but powerful products that are able to knock out those foul pet odors without harming your animals and family with residual chemicals. Our pre-conditioners are also green so there is no hidden issues.

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Upholstery Steam and Dry Cleaning: We offer the same love for your upholstery as we do for your carpet. We also offer the same green cleaning products and pre conditioners as well so there is never any hidden issues.

Tile and Grout Cleaning and Grout Sealing: The look of your grout dictates the look of your floor in general. But, have no fear, we have the best cleaning and sealing systems available.

  Professional Carpet Stretching, Carpet Patch, Dyeing, and Carpet Repair: For those that have commercial establishments such as convention centers or meeting halls or even the residential customer that is a die-hard lover of carpet we can save the carpet you love. We stretch weak carpet, patch it to perfection and will dye it as well as repair it.

Mattress Cleaning:
There is nothing worst than having a mattress you love and having to decide to part with it too soon because well, you and the dog and your partner and the kids have worn it out. Have no fear Fontana Carpet Cleaners are here.

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Wool, Synthetic and Oriental Area Rug Cleaning:
There are certain qualifications that each company should meet when they are dealing with wool or special runs such as Oriental rugs.We are certified wool and special area-rug specialists.

Some rugs have a fine vegetable dye that can not be disturbed by traditional cleaning chemicals. One wrong move and you have trouble. We take your fine furnishings very seriously. This goes for your furniture as well. We care for your fine furnishings as if it were our own. You can depend on us to bring it back better than how we received it in special packaging for transport.

Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning. Our steam cleaning is at 240 degree solution for water extraction: When we said we had the right stuff, we meant it. We offer a special state-of-the-art truck mounted carpet cleaning system that does the job in a powerful, effective but gentle way. We can care for your tough stains and your fine furnishings the same way we would our own with power and gentleness.

Auto, Boat, and RV Carpet Steam Cleaning: We aren’t limited to homes and commercial structures, oh no; when we said we were a full-charge carpet and furnishing cleaners  we meant it. We have an entire department that is devoted to Auto, Boat and RV cleaning. There’s not a piece of equipment we haven’t invested in to make sure you have a clean area to work, live and play!
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Drapery Cleaning:
Drapery is still around as a popular way to bring class and elegance to a room or rooms. They can be stately and romantic; whatever the style they create a warm look and convey a statement about the home they are hung in. We want to make sure they are showcased like new. They can be everything from chiffon to gossamer to velvet; we can take them on.

It’s always a chore for people to clean and maintain their own drapery and we understand that. We have a white-glove system to remove and package them prior to cleaning if the job is large, like a spring-cleaning. If the job is a spot clean, dry clean or steam just to de-dust and freshen , we can do them whilst they hang without issue.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Residential Carpet Cleaning: There is not a job too large or too small. Our customer-base is large to say the least. We have a staff of technicians trained to handle any job at a moment’s notice. We have crossed trained technicians that will always have an up-to-date education on the latest technology in carpet cleaning as well as every cleaning service we offer; and always green included. We will never be a moment behind the times and we are devoted to being ahead.

Our company is the premier carpet, upholstery and home furnishings cleaners in town and in the county. Our goal is to be the top in the state. We are family owned and run and our heart is in the business. We have invested generations, time, energy and money in our employees. We take the relationship we have with our customers seriously. We love home furnishings and we know that carpet is here to stay.

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Even if you have other flooring we have an expert waiting to clean and seal it. Have a parquet floor? Have an Oriental Rug? We can handle the job with confidence. In fact, we have all the assurity that you will be recommending us to family, friends and neighbors alike. Most of our top customers are word-of-mouth and long-term. We barely have to advertise; we don’t need to. This helps us keep those costs down and the investment in education coming fast!

Call us today and set up an appointment for a free quote and ask about our cleaning packages so you can keep your world sparkling!