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Affordable and Effective Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Rancho Cucamonga Carpet Cleaning offers state-of-the-art commercial carpet cleaning services for both large corporations and small businesses.

The key features of our service include:

  • Use of environmentally safe cleaning agents
  • No harm to humans or pets
  • Customized services to suit both large and small commercial setups
  • Skilled and certified cleaning technicians
  • Efficient, fast and effective service
  • Affordable pricing

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Our Commercial Cleaning Services

To serve the specific needs of each business, we offer spot, interim and total carpet cleaning.

Service Description Features
Total/ deep carpet cleaning Here we’ll do a thorough job of cleaning all your carpeted surfaces, even those in hard-to-reach and rarely used areas.

It’s important that all areas of your carpet be cleaned – even the areas that aren’t being used – to prevent build up dust and other particles that can cause hygiene issues.

We’ll effectively clean out dirty, yellowing carpets, and eliminate such stains as coffee spills, food stains, asphalt yellowing, grease, tracked-in dirt and cooking oils.

Beyond the strategies used in regular cleaning, this would also involve hot water extraction and other heavy duty methods.

Interim/ regular carpet cleaning This is a regular cleaning service that focuses on high traffic areas.

Regular carpet cleaning is highly recommended for all business environments, especially those experiencing high traffic or requiring high standards of hygiene.

It’s fast and efficient; and, most importantly, helps prolong the life of your carpet, which would otherwise wear out from continual use without regular cleaning.

Regular cleaning would involve removal of dry soil using high-capacity vacuum cleaners.

Daily vacuuming would be necessary in high traffic areas; whereas, light traffic areas may do with a weekly schedule or 2 times per week, if necessary.

Interim cleaning would be required if you have greasy, oily soils.

It involves use of encapsulation, absorbent/ bonnet pads and dry foam.

Spot carpet cleaning This clears stubborn spots that require urgent cleaning before they turn into full-brown stains. Our mild yet highly effective spot cleaning will do the job, while still retaining the carpet protection.

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All these services deliver more than just clean carpets:

  • Through thorough cleaning, the service life of your carpets is prolonged – This is especially useful since replacement of carpets would only add to the overhead costs of running your business. Hence, long-lasting carpets will keep your bottom-line healthy.
  • Your carpet is further protected from unnecessary wear and tear through application of professional strength carpet protectors – This protector helps your carpet resist spills, dirt, and wear and tear from regular use. Most of all, the protector is environmentally safe, odorless, and poses no harm to your pets or humans.
  • Application of carpet protectors makes it easier to clean your carpets, afterwards – Since the protector helps in resisting spills and dirt, it gives you time to quickly and effectively clean up before accidental spills really stick into your valuable floor covers. This means it will be a while before you actually need our services again.
  • We apply professional-strength deodorizers to neutralize odors – Dirt and spills ingrained in carpets can create a bad stench within you business premises. We place powerful encapsulating agents within the carpets to eliminate bad odors right from the source. This gives your carpets a sweet, fresh scent for a long time.

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To deliver such beneficial services, we use quality cleaning techniques, including:

  • Encapsulation cleaning – This is low-moisture cleaning system allows use of the carpet immediately after. It involves spraying of encapsulating chemicals on your carpet, then brushing it into the carpet. The chemical encapsulates and releases soil particles from the carpet, making it easier for removal through normal vacuuming.
  • Restorative hot water extraction – Using hot water extraction/ steam cleaning, rotary shampoo cleaning, and counter rotating brush machines, even carpets that haven’t been properly maintained can be restored to look as good as new.
  • Dry foam cleaning – This process utilizes mechanical aeration of special liquid detergents to produce a dense foam for cleaning, and uses a dry a foam machine.

Call Rancho Cucamonga Carpet Cleaning today for these quality services.

The Businesses We Serve

We serve multiple types of commercial setups.

Offices and office buildings

Your office says a lot about you brand. If you host clients regularly, you need to have a presentable environment that impresses them even before you say a word.


Convention centers

Convention centers cater to a discerning clientele that value quality service. A well-furnished center that’s sparkling clean would surely attract prospective clients.


For theater goers to enjoy the experience, they need a place that makes them feel good and also looks good. This is sure to be the key selling point for those who wish to come with their dates or friends to a presentable and comfortable place.

Schools and classrooms

Kids engage in lots of play, leading to constant accumulation of dirt on the ground. Regular professional cleaning is necessary to safeguard their health.


Food must always be served in clean environments. This is particularly important for restaurants, which must also adhere to strict health requirements.

Hotels/ Motels

Comfort and hygiene are key considerations for guests in hotels or motels. You can never overlook thorough carpet cleaning, even in areas that may not be frequently used.

Senior living facilities

Health and comfort are crucial issues for senior centers. Regular cleaning would ensure residents stay healthy, by avoiding spread of germs and dirt.

Medical practitioner offices

More than just having a clean and presentable office, properly cleaned carpets would prevent health issues in doctor, orthodontist, dentist and other medical practitioners’ offices.

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Department stores

Considering that department stores have a variety of products, some of which require a clean environment, it’s necessary to have your carpets constantly clean.


The unique selling point of showrooms is appearance. Hence, no cost should be spared in making all aspects, including the carpet, look absolutely clean.

Retail stores

Winning over and retaining clients is critical for retail stores. Clients can just as easily be put off by a dirty looking carpet.

Worker cubicles

In order for your employees to work efficiently and comfortably, they need a clean and hygienic environment. It also boosts their morale when they work in a well-organized and regularly cleaned environment.

Religious institutions

Considering the large numbers of people who attend churches or other religious centers, it’s necessary to have the carpet cleaned regularly, especially in high traffic areas.

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Why You Need Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Here are just a few of the benefits you get by contracting our professional service:

  • First impressions are key to winning clients’ trust. Clients would judge your business based on the appearance of your premises, even if it has little to do with the services or products you offer.
  • Hygiene is a critical issue, particularly for the hospitality industry. Hence, having professionally cleaned carpets will prevent dust and related complications.
  • In the long run, you save more by hiring professionals to clean your carpet since the results would be long lasting, and you wouldn’t need to replace your carpets as much since they would last long.
  • Safety would be enhanced, since unwanted debris that can cause accidents would be removed. Worn out or dirty carpets can pose a danger to workers or clients in your business premises.
  • Professional cleaning is executed by highly skilled and experienced technicians who understand the best cleaning techniques and materials to use. This way, you don’t expect any harm to your carpet or use of toxic cleaning agents.
  • Heavy duty cleaning equipment is used, which delivers maximum results. This means you can expect splendid results even if your carpet goes through tough use, based on excessive traffic in your business premises.
  • The appearance of your carpet would be maintained. You’re less likely to end up with a carpet that has lost its original bright color or one having discolored sections.

How Our Service Works

When you hire us, this is what you can expect:

  1. We’ll initially make an assessment of the carpet cleaning needs within your commercial setup. Some of the aspects we’ll consider are the high traffic areas, the types if spills found and the duration that such spills have lasted on your carpet.
  2. Based on our assessment and consultation with you regarding your cleaning needs, we’ll customize a cleaning plan that works best for you. We always make sure our cleaning plan has minimal interference to you normal business operations.
  3. Thereafter, we’ll get to work applying the appropriate cleaning techniques for your carpet. Even then, we are still flexible enough to accommodate the changing needs of your business.

We at Rancho Carpet Cleaners have been serving the Inland Empire and beyond for decades. We know one thing very well and that’s carpet. We handle small and large residential and commercial carpet cleaning. There’s no cleaning project too much for us to handle. We provide the most cutting edge carpet cleaning services in the County with the most affordable prices too. Just call us now for an assessment of your carpet cleaning job. We have a simple system that may be a little different than our competitors, but we want to be able to deliver the right service for your home.

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Our System:

The Call: The first thing you need to do is simply pick the phone up and call us now. It’s that simple, there is nothing else you need to do on your part. We will ask you pertinente questions at that time. Do you have a Berber carpet or an old shag. How old the carpet is? Do you prefer a green method of cleaning your carpet, do you have pets? These questions help us to help you.

The Assessment: This is needed if it is a large job. If you are having an entire home done or for commercial properties. See the system for commercial properties after this section and this will tell you what you need to do to for bidding. For residential the assessment is a quick look at the job and a discussion about the maintenance programs we offer just for you.

Booking: For commercial we book after a bid takes place. We never just show up to clean a commercial carpet. And, we always have a tour of the property before we agree. We want to make certain that we are the best people to do the job in your establishment. We want to be the best fit for each other.


Why have a professional carpet cleaning service?

When the budget is low, things like aesthetics are typically cut from the budget and carpet cleaning to some companies can be considered aesthetic or a luxury. But there are things that you don’t realize happen when your carpet cleaning service is cut from the budget. First, remember that it is a sanitation issue. Carpets are some of the most bacteria-ridden spaces in the home or business. For a commercial property, people,strangers are tracking in bacteria on their feet. The high-traffic areas are ground in and look highly unsightly.

Remember that your carpet is in the reception area too. That’s your front line to new and existing patrons of your business. Even if you only have carpet in the employee areas and hallways, you are still sending a few clear messages.

  1. You aren’t doing well or,
  2. You aren’t concerned about your image

These things are paramount to your commercial property. Own an apartment complex or condo? Then your new residents are going to see that. Besides the point, do you want the type of residents that don’t care about how you take care of your complex? We have special in-contract prices We think of every situation for you because we are more than just a carpet cleaning firm. We look out for your best interest. One you are a customer of ours you stay a customer for life, we guarantee it.

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There is more than just carpet cleaning the old fashioned was going on here. We offer the most state-of-the-art carpet cleaning services in the county. We not only offer green services but we offer all the services below. It’s almost tough to choose. Your whole property can use the same type of carpet cleaning service or, they can be different for different areas.


  • Commercial Restoration Service: Our service uses a state-of-the-art combination of steam, dry and extraction to thoroughly clean the entire carpet of everything possible. This will in fact, restore the carpet to a close to brand new as possible. We are llCRC certified. We can match the biggest spills and grimes in the carpet itself.
  • Guaranteed Safe Clean of all Carpets: We are certified to clean all carpet types including wool & wool blends, nylon, polypropylene, polyester, and acrylic. This is important because all commercial carpet is not created equal. We make certain that all our technicians are certified in the right type of carpet cleaning for your business.
  • Green Steam Clean: You’ve heard a lot about green this and that but what is green steam clean? We use steam and extraction without the harsh planet, people and pet harming chemicals to clean deep beneath the surface of the carpet to remove germs, grime and other substances completely. At times that we need to use chemicals they are certified natural. So, what natural substance cleans a carpet? Enzymes are the most common and the most effective in protein stains and too loosen deep dirt and grime left by much traffic. Then our patented extraction system lifts it away to reveal a brand new carpet as close to what it was originally.
  • No Residue Cleaning: As we are learning more and more about what chemicals do to our bodies after the fact, we are on a constant cause to leave as little residue in the carpet as possible after cleaning.


Dry Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Services


  • Dry Encapsulation Commercial Cleaning: This system is in very high demand for commercial carpet cleaning services. Dry Encapsulation simply means using dry steam with green chemicals to deep clean a high-traffic commercial carpet and encapsulate the dirt to extract. It’s that simple.
  • VLM or Very Low Moisture: This is the same as dry encapsulation. But it dries very fast. We know that you can’t afford to redirect traffic while you wait for a carpet to dry so we work very hard to make sure you are inconvenienced for as short a time as possible.
  • Conditioners and Pre- Treating: Even our conditioners are green. Other companies like to hide that, probably because of the cost. They will treat the carpet with harsh chemicals and then clean it in a green way. But we don’t hide anything, we pay any expense forward by guaranteeing that the greenest processes are used. Those that are not, are under one percent residue.

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Other Specialty Floor Cleaning Services:

  • Tile and Grout Cleaning: Your floors are an important part of your business and we know it. We take what we do very seriously and will treat and clean more than just your carpet. Commercial flooring is an important part of our business. Of course you know that we will use green restorative techniques to restore your grout to its original state.
  • Tile and Grout Sealing: When tile is cleaned it must be sealed. It’s not because the cleaning removes the original seal; it’s because it will wear off over time. We will reseal every job we do.


Fabric Care:

  • Upholstery Care: We know that your business has a lot of upholstery and luckily we also clean all your soft furnishings as well as we do your carpet and tiles. What’s the sense of having sparkling clean and sealed floors if the furniture looks dirty? It’s akin to having a fantastic bedroom and never making the bed.
  • Non-Smoking and Pet Room Conversions: We are fully supportive of the movement to make smoking a thing of the past. Face it, no one wants to walk into a hotel room and smell the stale remnants of cigarette smoke. Did you just become a non smoking establishment? Then have no fear, we have your back. You never have to sell your furniture and spend all that money on new furnishing with our treatments.
  • Have you moved into a home that had pets? Or, have you lost a pet that will not be replaced? We have your back there too.


Water Restoration Services:

We offer 24/7 emergency water restoration services. We know that having a flood is almost never an expected thing. It could happen for a plethora of reasons. You could have a burst pipe or a water-driven appliance could malfunction. You could have a neighbor above you overflow a tub or toilet which could be ongoing. This is a disaster when left to the next day. You don’t want to do that. Call us immediately if not sooner to get the situation handled. The sooner we get there the better the water restoration result will be. Accidents don’t happen conveniently between the hours of 9 and 5. So we are there to help you and make the process as convenient as possible for you. We have immediate insurance billing in the process. All you have to do first is call us as soon as you call the plumber and we will be right behind them to do the job. We will take your insurance details and you won’t have to worry, depending on your unique case, about having to pay out of pocket right then and there.



Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

Blinds are made of many different materials. Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning is a process by which sound and suds work together in an amazing and effective symphony of clean. We can handle built in blinds as well as attached in any shape, size, length or material apart from paper such as Japanese blinds unless they are fabric. Then, another type of cleaning process will be used.


PTAC Cleaning

Cleaning your PTAC units can save you mega bucks in a year up to 7 grand in some cases in larger residential homes to commercial units. There is no unit too big or too small. We have highly trained technicians that are available and at your service.


Whatever service you choose and are in need of we are here to help. We want to earn your business and we want to do the job right so you call us again and again. We are the premier carpet cleaners and more. We are the best there is in the County and beyond. We have the best staff and the most thoroughly trained technicians around. We always keep on the cutting-edge of the trends in the industry, the equipment and the chemicals both green and otherwise. We are always providing the best green techniques and chemicals to do the job right for you while preserving and respecting the planet.

We make certain that everyone that works for us is an employee. You’ll never get a contractor. Oh no, we want employees that we invest in so that they invest in you. The same uniform standard is met with everyone that walks through our door and ours. We will always respect your property and arrive in uniform with ID and a marked utility vehicle. If the job is an emergency or is a 24 hour service, we will have a skilled and responsible foreman for you to talk to that will oversee the job.

Call us today and we’ll deliver expert carpet cleaning beyond your expectations.